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Beauty treatments

Beauty salons are situated all over the country from small towns to large cities. Beauty salons offer a range of treatments from massages and facials to waxing. Below are some of the main services which beauty salons offer:


Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrows can be shaped in a number of ways; waxed, tweezed or threaded. Eyebrow threading is where cotton is used to remove hairs in lines. The beautician can either just remove unwanted hairs or completely re-shape your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Tinting and Eyebrow Bleaching

are also a common practice in beauty salons; they are popular with people who dye their hair and want their eyebrows to match.


Eyelash tinting

Popular with women with fair hair wanting darker eyelashes without having to wear mascara all the time.

Eyelash extensions

Are ideal for women with short, stubby lashes looking for a more permanent solution than temporary fake eyelashes.

Eyelash Perming

A way or curling the eyelashes; this is suited to people with very straight lashes. The overall effect is to neaten the lashes and open up the eyes.


Body exfoliation treatments can be in addition to massages or alone. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells to eliminate flaky skin and reveal a new soft layer of skin. Having an exfoliating treatment at a salon can provide a deeper exfoliation than can be achieved at home. Popular exfoliating ingredients include fruit enzymes, cane sugar or sea salt. Moisture levels are improved following exfoliation and skin’s collagen levels stimulated.


Most facials will start with cleansing and then gently exfoliating the skin before massaging and moisturising it with target specific products. While some facials are anti-ageing and work to restore elasticity and boost collagen production others work to soften and brighten the skin or provide a deep cleanse.

Stronger facial exfoliating treatments including Microdermabrasion – a non-surgical method of rejuvenation by means of mechanical skin exfoliation without chemicals or lasers.

Facial Peels

Facial peels are an effective treatment for facial blemishes, wrinkles, and uneven skin pigmentation. Alphahydroxy Acids (AHAs),  Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) and Retinoic Acid are often used in chemical peels. The acidic solution is designed to burn the skin causing it to peel off and reveal a new, more youthful layer of skin.


Manicures vary in technique and duration, but for a full manicure you can expect to have your fingernails, hands and arms cleansed and exfoliated before being massaged and moisturised. Your nails and cuticles are filed and shaped before a nail polish of your choice is applied – this can be a coloured polish or a French manicure. Many beauty salons also offer nail art, gel nails or nail extensions.


As above but for your legs, feet and toe nails.


Popular massages include:

Swedish massage

Great for reducing muscular tension and improving circulation

Hot Stone Massage

Where heated basalt stones are placed on key areas of the body to provide a deep and comforting massage

Aromatherapy Body Massage

Using essential oils from plants during the massage the mind and body are rejuvenated by the sensational plant aromas


An ancient technique in which pressure points on the feet are massaged in order to alleviate tension in other parts of the body

Indian Head Massage

A massage to alleviate stress  in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders

Floatation Massages

Lying on warm water cushions from head to toe, this massage provides the ultimate feeling of deep relaxation.

Body Contouring treatments

Work to reduce the appearance of cellulite and tone the body through massage and specialist skincare; usually a series of treatments are needed to significantly reduce the appearance of ‘orange peel’ skin.

Different massages target different needs, for example some reduce cellulite and stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow, some help to firm skin and eliminate toxins, while others purely work to relieve tension in muscles or rejuvenate the mind.

Mud or Clay Wraps

Wraps are designed to tone and firm the body. A layer of mud or clay is placed over the skin before being wrapped. Mud and clay are also good at ridding the skin of toxins since it clarifies the pores and leaves skin feeling hydrated.

Laser Hair Removal

The use of  lasers to remove unwanted hair on the face or body can be very effective. A series of treatments are often needed to prevent hair from completely returning.

Electrolysis uses electrical currents to remove unwanted hair but is said not to be as quick or painless as laser hair removal.


Spray tanning

A tan of the right shade is sprayed onto your body while you stand, either by a beautician or machine. This will be a high quality fake tan such as St Tropez or Clarins

UV tanning

Involves lying or standing in sun beds where UV rays mimic a natural sun tan. Over exposure of UV rays can lead to skin cancer.

Thread Vein Removal

Also known as spider vein removal, thread vein removal is where a skilled beautician eradicates broken, surface veins with lasers. Clients may require a number of treatments.


Waxing is an effective way to remove unwanted hair and reveal soft skin. Waxing is more effective than shaving since hair will not grow back for at least two weeks and can take up to eight weeks to return. Over time hair becomes thinner and weaker.

Popular waxes include eyebrow, upper lip, legs (upper and lower), arms, under arms, bikini line and brazilian.

Male Waxing

Men can visit the salon for waxing too: chest, back and neck, leg, arm and buttocks.

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