Alpha-H – Micro Cleanse


Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Exfoliator is often likened to Microdermabrasion in a bottle, it is a deep cleansing treatment that refines the skin and reveals a plump, fresh and healthy complexion. 

Alpha-H Micro Cleanse is endorsed by thousands of therapists worldwide, and has been described as a ‘mini facelift’ and ‘beauty secret’ by Kylie Minogue’s favourite make-up artist to keep her skin in tip-top condition. 

Alpha-H say that you should notice an improvement in your skin after 5 – 7 days. I was intrigued to try it!

Whos It’s For

It is a deep exfoliator recommended for everyday use, for any age. After your morning cleanse, apply the exfoliator to a damp face and massage in circular motions before removing with warm water.


The exceptional formula works in three ways to instantly improve the skin’s appearance. Firstly, 12% Glycolic Acid, naturally derived from sugar cane, works to deeply cleanse and dislodge dead skin cells and oil from the pores. Secondly, rice bran acts to further exfoliate pores and balance pH levels, directly targeting pigmentation and texture imperfections while also having a brightening effect. Thirdly, peppermint oil combats bacteria while macadamia nut oil restores vitality to ageing and environmentally-damaged skin and cucumber extract leaves skin feeling cool and rejuvenated.


I noticed an improvement in my skin after just one use of  Micro Cleanse. Although this is a deep exfoliator it feels very gentle on the skin. I think that this is one of the best exfoliators I’ve ever used! Having a brighter, clearer complexion, un-clogged pores and no flaky skin left whatsoever!  Often with exfoliators you think you’ve sloughed-off all the dead skin cells but as soon as you apply foundation it highlights patches of dry, flaky skin that you’ve missed – this is not the case with Alpha-H’s Micro Cleanse though – I had no flaky skin on the days I used it.

Price & Packaging

In Alpha-H’s simple and clinical white tube with black writing. The exfoliator is priced at £24.50.

Alpha-H can be purchased from John Lewis, QVC and


An exceptionally effective yet gentle exfoliator which I would highly recommend. I could not find a fault with the product (having previously tried many prestige and high-street brand’s exfoliators).

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