Aloe Pura – Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Gel


Aloe Pura specialise in natural, organic ways to treat your skin and hair. As well as using organically grown Aloe Vera Plants, they add antiseptic Tea Tree Oil and soothing Camomile, Witch Hazel, Lavender and Orange Oil to give your body hydration and a silky smooth finish. The Aloe Vera Gel moisturises and repairs dry or damaged skin, while also helping reduce stretch marks or scars, soothe skin irritations and sun burn. Can be used on any type of skin, but sensitive skins would benefit greatly from the soothing element. Aloe Pura’s range consists of skin gels, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, sun protection, and after-sun lotions. You can find the product at Holland & Barrett, certain pharmacies and online.Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Gel


I bought this primarily for reducing the visibility of stretch marks and scars, and also to soothe my irritated skin after applying fake tan. I’ve used various products to reduce the signs of scarring from spots (yes, I pick them, I know I shouldn’t!) However, oils are sometimes too messy or greasy, and serums too sticky. Aloe Vera Gel is the perfect remedy. It dries into skin really quickly without drying it out, and it smells fantastic too. The Tea Tree Oil really helps to clear out the nasty bits in your spots. The best time for application is last thing at night to let it work it’s magic. My face feels less red and irritated by morning. Really effective when applied to irritated skin or sun burn as it soothes and calms the area immediately. The gel texture is soothing, quick to dry and not sticky or greasy. Because of this texture it’s easy to apply before make up to give your skin a fresh feeling all day long.

Packaging and Price

The packaging is simple, but that’s all it needs to be. It comes in a 200ml bottle and lasts for a really long time. The gel was purchased from Holland and Barrett and was around £5. An absolute bargain for the various uses the gel has.


Texture 9/10
Result 9/10
Packaging 7/10
Price 10/10
Quality 9/10

Overall 9/10


A fast-drying gel that has many uses, from soothing, moisturising, repairing skin and reducing scars and stretch marks. I carry it in my bag everywhere; there’s always a time when you need it. For the price, I’d recommend everyone go and buy a bottle because it’s an absolute essential item for your beauty bag.

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