Ahava – Mineral Makeup Care Dead Sea Algae Compact Powder


Dead sea algae compact powder is from Ahava’s Mineral Makeup Care collection. All products in the range contain minerals from the Dead Sea, which the company says holds the highest concentration of minerals in the world. The compact comes in four shades: terra (dark), clay (medium), sand (medium light) and dune (bright). I tested dune and applied it without foundation.


Despite, or should that be because of, its intriguing ingredients this face powder is easy to apply and has a silky texture. It gives a light, natural finish and feels soft to the touch. Unlike loose powder, which I tend to get everywhere, this stayed where I put it and there was no waste. I have just one complaint – the applicator is too flimsy and tends to scrunch up when you’re using it.




Simple cardboard packaging with a minimalist design that suits the brand.


Texture  –  9/10

Result  –  8/10

Packaging  –  8/10

Price  –  8/10

Quality  – 8/10

Overall score – 8/10


With the Dead Sea minerals improving the moisture content of my skin, antioxidant and anti ageing pro vitamin A, plant oils and extracts, and natural mineral pigments, this powder is skincare as well as make-up. It is also not tested on animals, is paraben and fragrance-free.

I’m very much in favour of natural and organic make-up so hats off to Ahava for creating this collection.

Lisa Burn

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