Concealer for dark circles under eyes

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Hi guys, my dark circles seem to be impossible to conceal. They are much darker and more noticeable than most other peoples, any one with the same problem found a concealer which actually conceals?

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YSL Touche Eclat is deffo the best concealer for dark circles.

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YSL touche eclat is a very, very good concealer. MAC also do a good under eye concealer, try mixing colours together because sometimes if you use a concealer which is too light it leaves your eyes looking worse and almost having a grey look.

 If you mix a lighter colour and one similar to your natural skin tone it won't be too light, it will be lighter than your skin tone but natural enough to cover the under eye are without looking grey.

Hope that helps xx

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I have a very similar problem - I wouldn't dream of leaving the house without my under eye concealer. Although I find YSL Touche Éclat, doesn't really work for me - it's just not heavy enough! The best I've found is just No.7 from Boots - and I find the colour II works for most people, as it has a more yellow tone to counteract the purple tone of dark circles. And the price is very reasonable too! Hope this helps! xx

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